Repair Weakened Teeth with Inlay and Onlays

If you have a tooth that is too damaged for a simple filling but which does not require a crown, Drs. David Wyse and Jay Chrisman proudly offer inlays and onlays to patients in Bloomington, IL. Inlays fit within the chewing surface of a molar while onlays extend beyond the cusps of the tooth. The pre-molded fillings are manufactured to match the color and luster of your smile. 

Our office uses the iTero™ Digital Impressions Scanner to attain extremely accurate digital impressions that are used to manufacture dental work. The advanced imaging technology ensures that your inlay or onlay is a perfect fit.

Comparison of inlay and onlay

Benefits of Inlays and Onlays

Patients who undergo inlay or onlay placement at our Bloomington, IL, dental practice can benefit from:

  • Affordable treatment: Many dental insurance plans partially cover the cost of placing an inlay or onlay because the treatment is considered restorative in nature. Additionally, because they cover less of the tooth, inlays and onlays are significantly more affordable than dental crowns.
  • Preservation of natural tooth structure: Like crowns, inlays and onlays protect teeth from further injury or decay. Unlike with crowns, though, your dentist does not need to remove nearly as much enamel to make room for an inlay or onlay. Consequently, significantly more of the tooth's natural structure is preserved than with a crown. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing results: These restorative fillings are made to fit snugly inside your tooth and flush with the tooth’s surface. Our office will manufacture your inlay or onlay to match your natural tooth color so that it can blend in with your smile as naturally as possible.
  • Restored oral health: Inlays and onlays stop the spread of infections and decay. The customized prosthetics place a barrier between the vulnerable inner portion of your tooth and the outside environment. Once your custom filling has been placed, you can enjoy restored oral health. 

Am I a Candidate?

Patients who require greater structural support than a filling can offer but less than a dental crown are typically good candidates for inlays and onlays. During your visit to our Bloomington dental practice, one of our doctors will conduct an exam of your mouth and smile before recommending a suitable treatment. Risk factors that can lead to the need for these pre-formed fillings include advanced cavities and poor oral hygiene. Patients who are candidates for inlays and onlays often experience tooth pain, increased sensitivity, or discoloration of the surface of their enamel.

How Are Inlays and Onlays Placed?

Inlays and onlays can typically placed in two visits to our Bloomington dental practice. During your initial visit, one of our doctors will numb your tooth using local anesthetic. We also offer sedation options. Once you are comfortable, the areas of decay will be removed using a special drill. Digital images of your tooth are then sent to a trusted laboratory, where skilled technicians can fabricate your customized restoration.

In about two weeks, your inlay or onlay will be placed over your tooth using a strong bonding agent. Once one of our doctors has determined that the filling is a good fit, you will be released. There is no recovery associated with this treatment, and few patients experience side effects beyond minor sensitivity during the first few hours after the procedure.

Schedule Your Inlay or Onlay Consultation Today

Inlays and onlays are an effective treatment for preserving your teeth following the removal of decay. To schedule your next consultation for this treatment, contact our office online or call (309) 663-6393.

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