Dental Bridge for the Front Teeth By Dr. David Wyse on October 18, 2019

Dental bridgeWhen someone has lost a single tooth or a set of several teeth from the same area of the mouth, a dental bridge fills in the resulting gap to restore the function and beauty of the smile. Dental bridges are known to be durable and attractive dental restorations, but are they appropriate for the front teeth?

Since the front teeth are part of the smile zone, our Bloomington, IL, patients may wonder how effective a dental bridge will be. Drs. Jay W. Chrisman and David D. Wyse discuss dental bridges for the front teeth so patients can feel confident about the results they can expect from treatment.

Will a Dental Bridge Be Noticeable?

When addressing the loss of the front teeth, aesthetics are a top priority. When a person smiles, the front teeth are on full display. Fortunately, dental bridges are highly attractive pieces that can enhance the appearance of the smile.

Every dental bridge is designed to the specific needs of each of our Bloomington patients. Our dentists can customize the size, shape, and color of a dental bridge so that it blends in seamlessly with adjacent teeth. So, while a person may notice how great a dental bridge looks when they see someone smile, it is unlikely that they would realize they are looking at a dental restoration and not the natural teeth.

Dental Bridge Options

When a dental bridge is used to replace molars, or the back teeth, there are few options to consider. The molars receive most of the force of the bite, so patients need the strongest dental bridge possible. However, the front teeth are not subject to quite as much force and pressure. Because of this, there are a few types of dental bridges that may be suitable for replacing the front teeth:

  • Traditional bridge: A traditional dental bridge is the most common solution for missing front teeth. A traditional bridge consists of a pontic piece (the center piece that resembles the missing teeth) and two crowns. The two dental crowns are placed over the teeth immediately adjacent to the area of tooth loss to act as anchors for the dental bridge.
  • Cantilever bridge: Although not used as often, a cantilever bridge may sometimes be used to address the loss of the front teeth. A cantilever bridge is like a traditional bridge, but the pontic piece is anchored down by just one dental crown.
  • Maryland bridge: A Maryland bridge is not typically recommended, but if a patient has lost just one tooth, and it is a front tooth, it may be appropriate. A Maryland bridge is bonded to the backs of adjacent teeth with cement “wings” instead of being anchored by dental crowns.

Can I Get an Implant-supported Bridge for the Front Teeth?

Implant-supported bridges are another popular option, but our Bloomington patients often ask if they are a suitable treatment for the front teeth. The answer is generally yes. As long as a patient has enough bone structure to support the implants, an implant-supported bridge will work for the front teeth. Implant-supported bridges are just as attractive as traditional dental bridges, but they provide even more security and durability.

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Missing teeth at the front of the mouth can dramatically compromise the smile, but a dental bridge can rebuild the strong, attractive smile that our patients desire. To learn more about dental bridge treatment, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jay W. Chrisman or David D. Wyse, call (309) 663-6393 at your earliest convenience.

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