Treatment for a Jutted Tooth Can Improve the Smile By Dr. David Wyse on July 19, 2017

Jutted teethA tooth that protrudes or juts outward can affect the appearance of your smile. If a jutted tooth is making you want to hide your smile, treatment for a jutted tooth may be right for you. There are a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments available to address aesthetic issues, like jutted teeth, and improve the improve the appearance of the smile.

Drs. Jay Chrisman and David Wyse use the latest dental technology to help patients achieve a beautiful, healthy smile with treatment for a jutted tooth at their Bloomington, IL cosmetic and general dentistry practice. Contact our team today to find out how Dr. Chrisman and Dr. Wyse can help you.

About Jutted Teeth

A jutted tooth is a tooth that extend or protrudes outward. Some people may only have one jutted tooth, while others may have multiple. A jutted tooth may protrude slightly or protrude far enough to rest on the lip.

Jutted teeth may occur for a number of reasons; they may be genetic in nature or acquired. Genetic causes of jutted teeth may be related to overcrowding of the teeth or the skeletal characteristics of the jaw. Overcrowding of the teeth can push some teeth forward, causing them to jut outward. The position or size of the jaw can also cause the teeth to jut outward.

Acquired causes of jutted teeth include habits that affect the growth of the teeth. Habits such as prolonged thumb sucking, bottle use, and pacifier use, specifically after the teeth have erupted, can cause the teeth to move forward, resulting in one or more jutted teeth.

Tongue thrust is another condition that can lead to jutted teeth. Tongue thrust is a disorder with the swallowing reflex in which the tongue presses into the upper teeth instead of the roof of the mouth. The repeated pressure of the tongue against the teeth can cause them to jut out.

Treatments for a Jutted Tooth

Jutted teeth pose more than a cosmetic issue. Jutted teeth can create issues with alignment, causing the bite to be off balance. This may cause the teeth to wear unevenly or strain the jaw, leading to pain or discomfort when eating. If you suffer from one or more jutted teeth, one of the following treatments may be right for you.


When a tooth slightly or moderately juts forward, Invisalign® may be the best option. Invisalign® is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional orthodontics that uses a series of clear trays to adjust the alignment of the teeth and enhance the smile.

Traditional Orthodontics

When one or more teeth severely jut forward, traditional orthodontics is often the most suitable option. Traditional orthodontics gradually corrects the position of the teeth using metal braces, which are made of brackets, wires, and bands. Braces allow an orthodontist to strategically apply pressure to the teeth to improve the alignment and appearance of the teeth.


When skeletal issues cause jutted teeth, surgery may be necessary to correct alignment. Through surgery, the maxilla or mandible may be adjusted to improve the alignment of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment may be combined with surgery for enhanced results.

Find out Which Treatment Is Right for You

For more information about treatment options for a jutted tooth, or to find out which treatment is right for you, please schedule a consultation at Chrisman & Wyse Cosmetic & General Dentistry.

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