Effectively Treating the Common Causes of Bad Breath By Dr. David Wyse on July 18, 2014

Female patient with a bright, white, attractive smileBad breath is a problem that is very common for our dental patients. Despite the fact that just about everyone will deal with bad breath at one point or another, it can be an extremely embarrassing problem to deal with. Fearing that the scent of your breath will offend another can make social and professional situations very uncomfortable. In order to effectively address bad breath and restore a fresh and healthy smile we offer our Bloomington patients bad breath treatments that are targeted to the cause of the condition. Often times, restorative dentistry treatments that eliminate decay are an important part of bad breath treatment. Below are some common causes of bad breath and how they are most likely to be treated.

Foods and Beverages

Many people assume that the foods and beverages we eat are the primary cause of bad breath. In fact, beyond creating a temporary foul odor, foods and beverages are rarely the cause of habitual bad breath, also known as halitosis. However, if certain foods and/or beverages are consumed frequently, they can lead to bad breath. The best treatment in these cases is avoiding or limiting the intake of these foods and brushing the teeth or rinsing the mouth with water after these foods have been consumed.

Dry Mouth

A more common cause of bad breath is dry mouth. Dry mouth is a medical condition in which the body fails to significantly moisten the mouth. Without moisture from saliva, the mouth is unable to cleanse itself and wash away harmful, odor causing bacteria and food particles. It is important to treat dry mouth in order to freshen the breath and keep the mouth healthy. In many cases, dry mouth is treated by the use of artificial saliva that restores moisture to the mouth.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and infection are two of the most common causes of bad breath. When a patient’s oral health has been compromised by the buildup of bacteria, there will be many negative side effects. Aside from the deterioration of tooth structure and strength, patients are likely to suffer from habitual bad breath. Bad breath may be a sign that restorative dental work is required to eliminate harmful bacteria and restore strength and health to damaged teeth. As a result, patients will likely benefit from cleaner, fresher breath as well.

Gum Disease

Just as tooth decay can cause unfresh breath, so can gum disease. When bacteria, plaque, and tartar work their way beneath the gum line, the health of the teeth and gums will suffer. Infection may also develop. A common side effect of gum disease is bad breath. By treating gum disease with a deep cleaning, such as scaling and root planing, our dentists can restore health to the gums and eliminate bad breath.

Medical Conditions

There are other medical conditions, or the use of medications to treat certain medical conditions, that can lead to bad breath. If our dentists do not find a dental cause for bad breath, patients should see a general physician to rule out any medical problems or to discuss the use of prescribed medication.

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