Achieve Superior Results with Professional Teeth Whitening By Dr. David Wyse on April 18, 2014

Bloomington Professional Teeth WhiteningIf yellowed teeth make you feel like you need to hide your smile, then professional teeth whitening may be right for you! Professional teeth whitening is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. Bloomington cosmetic dentists Jay Chrisman and David Wyse offer the BriteSmile® teeth whitening system to restore your smile to a sparkling, bright white appearance. Read on to learn about the many benefits of professional teeth whitening.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening offers many benefits, including better results than over-the-counter treatments. Professional teeth whitening is customized to the individual, something you can't find in at-home treatments, leading to superior results. So before you pick up that box of whitening treatment in the toothpaste aisle, you may want to consider the benefits of professional teeth whitening.

  • Highly effective: Professional teeth whitening treatments are more effective than at-home systems, which can take weeks to begin to see any change in tooth color. The BriteSmile® teeth whitening system can remove decades of dental stains in a single office visit.
  • Safe: Though both at-home and professional teeth whitening are safe, professional teeth whitening treatments are a better option as they are monitored in a dental office. The BriteSmile® system uses a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, reducing the risk of gum irritation, which can occur with at-home treatments.
  • Customized treatment: Because professional teeth whitening is monitored by trained dental professionals, each whitening treatment is tailored to the individual, resulting in exceptional results.
  • Convenient: Home whitening treatments generally require weeks of daily use, which is both inconvenient and time consuming. Professional teeth whitening is convenient, as treatment can be completed in a single dental visit.
  • Increased comfort: With their one size fits all tooth trays or strips, at-home whitening treatments can be uncomfortable and cumbersome. The BriteSmile® whitening system doesn't require uncomfortable trays and is customized to each patient.
  • See results in a single treatment: With professional teeth whitening, patients can see immediate results in as little as one treatment. In fact, many patients can expect to see teeth as much as eight shades brighter after one whitening session.
  • Superior results: The BriteSmile® whitening system uses a special light to amplify the whitening power of the bleaching gel, further dissolving stains and leading to superior results.
  • Improved confidence: Professional teeth whitening can remove years of discoloration, leaving a vibrant white smile you'll be proud to show off.

Alternative Treatments to Restore a Bright, White Smile

Some stains may be too deep for even professional whitening treatments to fully remove. Fortunately, there are alternative treatments, which can restore even the most discolored teeth to a bright white. Porcelain veneers treatment, dental crowns, or dental bonding can all be used to restore the luster and brightness of any smile.

Schedule a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Professional teeth whitening can instantly improve your smile and remove years of yellowing. To find out if professional teeth whitening treatment is right for you, we welcome you to schedule a consultation.

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