Smile Design Computer Imaging - Dental Technology and You By Dr. David Wyse on June 15, 2013

Smile Design Computer Imaging - Dental Technology and YouDental technology has come a long way in recent years. Lasers have been incorporated into the treatment of many soft tissues, for example, and digital radiography has made it safer for our technicians to examine the various structures of patients' mouths. These tools have made cosmetic dentists more effective at providing professional, effective care.

One such advance dental care technology that's proven especially great for dentists and patients is computer imaging. Let's look into this issue right now.

What is smile design?

Smile design is a broad term for comprehensive dental treatment aimed at enhancing the overall appearance and health of a smile. This means using the right treatment options to meet the needs of the patients.

We customize each treatment plan to the patient at our cosmetic dentistry practice, which means we eschew one-size-fits-all solutions and treat you as an individual.

How does computer imaging fit into smile design?

Computer imaging allows us to give you a glimpse at your smile after dental care treatment is done. We can generate a simulation of what your finished smile makeover looks like before treatment even starts. Think of this as a predictive before and after photo, but one that's very accurate.

How does computer imaging work?

The smile design technology will first involve a series of different digital photos taken of the patient's smile. These photos are taken from different angles to ensure proper care and accuracy. The digital photos are then run through a program, though which we can adjust the color, spacing, and position of the teeth. These adjustments accurately simulate the effects of cosmetic dentistry treatment. It's as easy as that.

Applications for Computer Imaging in Smile Makeover Treatment

Obviously there are plenty of ways that this computer imaging technology can be used for cosmetic dentistry treatments. We can note changes in tooth position, how a smile can be enhanced simply through a single teeth whitening procedure, and even how a single veneer may be all you need to look your very best.

Applications for Computer Imaging in Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

When it comes to major restorative dentistry work, the computer imaging is also invaluable. We can use the program to help simulate a denture or dental bridge that fills a tooth gap, and we can also show what decayed teeth will look like once they've been restored. This really allows patients to see the difference we can make, and the difference can really be like night and day.

Computer Imaging Improves Patient Confidence

We know that committing to a dental treatment can sometimes be a difficult decision. Patients want to know if the care they receive will be worth it or not. With computer imaging, the patient can see for themselves and decide for themselves. Not only is this technology predictive and accurate, it's most importantly empowering.

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